The Art of Olivia

April 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

I am a big fan of the art of Olivia De Berardinis. I am especially fond of one particular print called “Masquerade.” (Pamela Anderson was the model.) I’ve had this print for many years hanging on the wall in my bedroom. It just sings to me. (Don’t go any further if nudity offends you. I find this print tasteful, but you may not!)

But now I have young grandchildren. Oh woe is me, and the dilemma of having young boys sneaking off to mima’s room to peek at the pretty naked lady. While I find nothing wrong with the female form in all it’s beauty, I also  believe it’s up to Mom and Dad to do the teaching when they are ready. So, I had to come up with something, other than hiding her in the closet until they all turn 35.

A paper and ribbon corset? Indeed! I made it out of black card stock, black ribbon for the bodice, and sheer silver ribbon for the bottom. A couple leftover purple feathers, and a little red ribbon rose.  I stuck it up there with some little pieces of velcro, and called it good. It only took me about an hour, and I don’t think it detracts from the print what so ever. So I’m happy, moms and dads are happy, and little young uns are safe to wander the house again.




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