Did I Mention I Adopted A New Kitty?

May 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


I lost my  “Mischief”, an 18 year old cat due to old age 2 summers ago, and my heart finally healed enough to say, “yeah, it’s lonely without you, maybe it’s time for another companion.”  Hello Malachi!


I am smitten by this kitten! He’s about 18 months old now. I adopted him last October as a birthday gift to myself. I had forgotten how much energy a young cat has. And that they chew on things. And attack your feet in the middle of the night. He loves playing in the toilet, and shower. And hiding in corners waiting for you to walk by so he can leap out and attach himself to my leg.  But he’s also a snuggler. He burrows under the covers at night, curls around my legs, and snoozes until it’s time to move to the pillow, where he droops himself over my face and purrs.

In the toiletBeFunky_IMG_8701.jpgBeFunky_nov 8 2013 mali (4).jpg

My husband says I spoil him. And that’s why HE built Malachi the best cat tree on the planet. And has plans to screen in the gazebo out back so Mali  can safely go outside and get some fresh air this summer.  (All my cats are indoors only.)

maliapril2014.jpgBeFunky_mali5-6-14 009.jpg


Speaking of those “other” cats. Poor Petunia and Sheba. They are seriously not happy about our little addition. They just turned 10, and weren’t expecting a little brother. Petunia has finally accepted him. She only swats if he gets too close. Sheba would rather he fell off the planet and hisses every time she see’s him.  Malachi takes it all in stride. He waits till the girls aren’t looking, sneaks close, boops their tails, and runs for his life!  Sometimes they catch him, and he lays on his back, hoping for mercy.  Sometimes mercy is the last thing on their minds.

All in all, he’s fitting in pretty good, and I feel like my life is all the more rich for having him.

Did I mention he’s terrible about tearing things up?


Who? Me?

Who? Me?




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