“Reupholstering” a Chair with Paint!

August 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Upholstery Paint

I have this wing chair that I just love, but it was old, and it showed. I looked around at getting it reupholstered, but it was way out of my budget. I got the chair for free, and I didn’t want to spend much to make it pretty. So it sat there for 2 years annoying me with my lack of skill to do something with it myself. And then I came across Upholstery Paint. Whaaaaat?! You can paint upholstery?? Why yes you can! And I did.

You can buy this amazing product over at Simply Spray. They have alot of different colors to choose from. I went with Plum.

And here’s what it did for my old sad chair.

(Before picture)


Chair Before Painting


First light coat of paint:

Primer Coat



All finished!

Finished Chair


I feel like I have a brand new chair!

The little details in case you’re interested in trying this for yourself.

You cannot go from dark to light. That is to say, if you have a black chair, and try to spray it white, it’s not going to work.

Simply Spray says in their FAQ that it will take about 3 cans of paint for an average sized chair. I needed 4 cans. (And I only bought 3!) So get at least 1 more can than you think you  need.

Do a light spray job first. This acts like a primer, so you won’t need so much paint.

Don’t stop spraying once you start!

The cans get a bit drippy and spray little paint blobs all over the place if you lift your finger off the trigger. I just rubbed the blobs in, and all was fine.

There was alot  of over spray. Make sure you lay something down underneath your project, like newspaper or plastic. (Or maybe I’m just an over exuberant sprayer?)

Does it feel all rough and and “painty?” when you’re finished?

No, it doesn’t! It feels almost the same as before I painted.

Does it smell?

Not that I noticed. I brought the chair back into the house a few hours later, and I never smelled anything overpowering. Note: I did have all my doors and windows open, because it’s August, so that could of made a difference.

Will the paint come off on my butt when I sit on it?

No, it won’t..lol I was worried about that too.


Here’s a Youtube video that shows a sofa being painted.  I can’t imagine how many cans that took!


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