It’s False Advertising I Say!

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had one of those new Dr. Pepper 10’s yesterday.  You know, the ones they advertise as having Only 10 Manly Calories. Which cracks me up that there is such a thing as a manly calorie. Do guys really care? My son, who is 24, has a dream to  grow a beer gut.

Let’s just take a look at this shall we?

Dr. Pepper 10 Bold Calories

Yep, right there, it says “10 bold tasting calories.” (Bold? what?) Per 8 ounces.

It’s a 20 ounce bottle, and that’s ok with me,  it’s still a mere 25 bold calories. BUT…

If we look at the BACK of the bottle:

Back of Dr. Pepper 10 Bottle

It says the serving size is the whole bottle. The whole 20 ounces. That is not 10 calories, it’s 25! And while it does state right there on the side that there are 20 calories per bottle, I still think it’s misleading. We’re going by serving size here people. (Wait a second here…it just came to me that is says 20 calories..but it’s 25 if you go by ounces..who does the math down there at Dr. Pepper, anyways??)


What will happen to me if I drink 25 manly calories? Chest hair? A mustache?

I think the public should be warned.




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