Tinting Wine Bottles for Wind Chimes

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Pink Wind Chime

Yes, I’m at it again. But this time I tinted the wine bottle just to make it a little more pretty. I spend waaaaay too much time over at Pinterest looking at all the nifty crafts, which is how I found out how to do this. I won’t go over the details of how I did it WrOnG. But I will leave you the link on how to do it RiGhT. This lady has a great step-by-step tutorial —> It’s Overflowing..Tinting Bottles Tutorial   Now we will get back to how I did it, and made it work.

You’re supposed to use Mod Podge. I don’t have any. I did have Elmers glue. That doesn’t work. Looks great, until you wash the bottles, then it comes right off. Ahem.

So what I did use, was Wood Glue. It’s water resistant.

Bottle Tinting Supplies

I used 1/4 cup glue, and about a teaspoon of water, just so it would flow into the bottles. Then tinted it with regular ol’ food coloring.

The problem here is, that wood glue is a rather pathetic yellow color. Therefore I couldn’t make anything but green. Which is okay, cuz they looked rather spiffy. (How did I get pink you ask?? I’ll get to that.)

Since my bottles were all ready cut for wind chimes, I put a lid on the top, poured the glue in, swirled it around, then set it on a rack to let the excess drip out for an hour.

Tinted Bottle Before Oven

(as you can see, I tried several different color combinations before resorting to the wood glue.)

Now it’s time to put them in the oven at 170 degrees farenheit for 30 minutes.

And voila! They aren’t as dark as when i first started, but still quite pretty.

Baked Bottles

Now we get to the pink. I don’t know WHY this happened. I let them sit overnight, then set them in a sink full of water to make sure the color wouldn’t come off like before. The green washed off, and I was left with pink! Rock solid pink.

You can see in the top picture of the made wind chime that there is still a band of green at the bottom. That wouldn’t come off.

So, if you want pink tinted bottles, go ahead and try the wood glue!

If you’re looking for other pretty colors, I’d suggest going with the mod podge, and head over to the link at the top to get further instructions.

I like pink!


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