Just A Pretty

May 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Now that I have made a dozen wind chimes, I have all these left over wine bottle “bottoms” that I don’t know what to do with. (Well, eventually, I’ll put candles in them, but not till Fall.)

So I’m sitting in the gazebo this morning being blinded by these blue pebble glass rocks that are spread next to my fountain (The sun is out today!) when I had an aha! moment.

Let’s put them in this  silly do hickey I got from Big Lots a couple years ago. (It originally came with bottles you fill with lamp oil, but I really don’t like the thought of having fire that close to my rear end when I’m walking by.)

Sparklie Rocks

I think it looks rather pretty now. And boy does it sparkle!

I love sparklies. My husband is always commenting that I must of been a raven in my last life. I can not walk by something shiny without my eyes getting all big.

Sparklie Rocks 2

By the way…those are not weeds in my flower bed. It’s Corsican Mint. It has taken over most of my yard, and is impossible to get rid of. It even grows on the rocks. AGH.

I asked Mischief what he thought of my new project…He didn’t seem as excited about it as I did.



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