Windchimes Make it Feel Like Summer

May 18, 2012 § 4 Comments

While it’s only May, the weather has been unseasonably nice here in Oregon. Usually “April showers” are  followed by torrential rain in May.  Don’t ask about June, I can’t handle it right now.

So while I have been chirpy and excited about being outdoors before July, I thought I would make some summer wind chimes.

They turned out pretty cool! And not nearly as hard as I thought they would be.

3 tier wind chime

Look how BLUE the sky is!!!!

(yes, those are plastic flamingos by the pond. cheesy I know, but I just love them!)

This one I made with seashells I got from the Dollar Tree. It takes forever to drill holes in them!

Sea Shell Chimes

I tried using the trick of saturating string in acetone, wrapping it around the wine bottle, lighting it on fire, then dunking it in water to make it break. THAT didn’t work. Hmph. Perhaps because I used yarn? I’m going to get some string and see if that works tomorrow. Has anyone else tried this?

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so this shall be the end of today’s blog, so I can enjoy the last rays of sunshine out there. 🙂


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§ 4 Responses to Windchimes Make it Feel Like Summer

  • scrounger1984 says:

    lovely wind chimes. I tried that acetone-soaked-string-then-dunk-in-icewater trick too, and it didn’t work for me as well. I was trying to me a bigger hole in a whiskey jar for a terrarium and I tried it sooooo many times, but…meh. nothing.

    • cleocatraofthenile says:

      They make it look so easy on Youtube, don’t they? I tried yarn, cotton string, a shoe string, then finally wire and a torch..(oh my, I think that was overkill.)
      Still nothing. Went back to the ol glass cutter..ever so less frustrating. I’d like to see your terrarium if you have it posted online?

      • scrounger1984 says:

        I haven’t made it yet. All the materials haven’t been completed, and there are difficulties, like the mouth of the bottle which is really too small. I wish I had a glass cutter. I am currently collecting different kinds of sand. To date, I’ve got black and orange. When I’ve got everything, it’ll look so pretty.

      • cleocatraofthenile says:

        I know how you feel about craft projects that are not done..I have an entire closet devoted to “i’ll get to that when I have all the supplies.” It’s rather terrifying to open the door. lol I’d still love to be inspired by your work when you do get it finished!

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