Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I found this over at Homemade Mamas today, and was so excited! I didn’t know you could make an enzyme cleaner. I use this stuff ALOT, but it is so expensive.   I have a senior cat who turned 18 this April 2012, and in his senior moments has pretty much given up on the idea of remembering he has a litter box. “I’m standing right here, and I have to go. Therefore I will.”


It’s great for cleaning up “those” kind of messes, so it doesn’t leave an odor behind to remind him that “hey, I was here yesterday!”

So, here’s the recipe if you don’t feel like hopping over to Homemade Mamas. (You should tho..after your done admiring my pictures of course, because they have really cool stuff there.)

I doubled the recipe, because it takes 3 MONTHS before you can use it. If I have to wait that long, i’m making as much as I can.

But I’ll put in the original recipe, cuz maybe you don’t have alot of fruit to work with like I did.

1 large one liter bottle with a tight lid .  A juice bottle works fine.

2 1/2 cups of fruit peels and scraps – fruit bits are fine to add.

7  Tablespoons  brown sugar.

Chop up the peels until they are small enough to fit in the top of the bottle.

Add the brown sugar and the water to the bottle. Close the lid tight and shake well.

Label your bottle with the date you made it, so you don’t forget!

For the first month,  shake the bottle every day.  Make sure your lid is on tight!
Store in a cool, dark place.
After you shake, open the lid to allow gas pressure to escape.
Store the bottle with the lid halfway open.
As the liquid ferments gas can build up. Pretty sure you don’t want orange bits exploding in your face.
Hence why I recommend you make sure the lid is on quite tight before you shake it. I thought I might forget, so I stuck a label on the bottle to remind me ;P
If you see a white or black film on the top of the liquid  give the bottle a shake..this is the natural yeast growing.
After 3 months strain the liquid with cheese cloth or a fine strainer.
Now it’s ready to be diluted and used on whatever you want!
Oh wait, you would probably like to know what you can use it on besides cat wee, huh? According to Homemade Mamas it’s good for:
Floor wash, laundry stains, dishes, cleaning blocked drains, all natural fertilizer for your fruits and vegetables, and flowers, insect repellent, and apparently as a skin cleanser!


1/2 cup enzyme cleaner to 1 liter of water for bathrooms, 2Tbl. cleaner to 3 liters of water for tiled floors, 2Tbl. cleaner to 2 liters of water for windows. Use more or less for depending on the job. The cleaner will last indefinitely.
But what you ask, did I do with all the good parts of the orange that your supposed to eat? My son ate most of it, but since I was making a venison roast for dinner, I sprinkled  on some Montreal Steak Seasoning and squeezed all the leftover delicious orange juice on top of it before baking. Decadent.
I will by the way, post pics at one month intervals of that awesome Citrus Enzyme Cleaner so you can see the progress. Have you started yours yet???


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