Crafty Girl Loves Soap Making

February 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been into uploading any recipes in quite some time it seems. That’s because I have been too busy not cooking. I have gotten into making soap. I love making soap! Soap is my life. I am a Libra, and all these beautiful scents, colors, and creativity seem to please my star sign. (is it a star sign? Astrological I guess.)

Anyways. Sorry to all of you that depended on me to make dinner fabulous,

I H A V E to make soap. Have to! Want to! I want to make soap right now!

And  thanks to my generous mom, I now have lotion and body spray bases to work with too. I smell amazing. Everyone around me smells amazing because I am constantly spritzing and lotion-ing anyone in my general direction. Sorry.

Here are  a few of my creations.

Mountain Hazelnut Coffee

Ice Cream Bars

Tropical, Vanilla & Chocolate "Ice Cream" Bars

Blackberry Sage

Blackberry Sage



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