Bubblegum Vodka

October 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

bubblegum vodka

How can you not be intrigued about a childhood favorite infused with booze??

And that is why my son and I decided to spend some quality time together making some.

And really, who doesn’t love bubblegum?

First and foremost, I might as well state the obvious. This is for adults only.  Why do I have to state the obvious? Because I looked up this recipe on a couple different sites, and people were leaving nasty comments that you shouldn’t have bubblegum vodka in your house because kids like bubblegum.  Most of them don’t like broccoli, but I didn’t think it would taste good in vodka.

Now that we have that out of the way, can we continue on with the fun part? yay!

Bubblegum Vodka Ingredients:

one 750ml bottle of vodka of your choice.  (this equals about 24 fluid ounces)

24 pieces of bubblegum. Double Bubble works best from what I’ve read, but we could only find Super Bubble

A glass vessel with a lid, to hold your delicious concoction


Start by unwrapping your bubblegum pieces, and plop them into your glass jar.

bubblegum vodka

Pour in the vodka:

bubblegum vodka


Show off your handywork. Great job!

bubblegum vodka


Let me just say that using a bottle with a small neck, wasn’t the greatest idea. Don’t do it. The gum doesn’t disappear completely while it’s doing it’s thing. We had a brain looking glob stuck in there after 2 days, and had to use chopsticks to dig it out. Note to self: use something with a large lid!

Anyways. Let the bubblegum sit in the vodka for at least 24 hours. I couldn’t resist shaking it several times just to see why my gum wasn’t melting, but obviously that’s not necessary.

Take out the gum that didn’t melt away after the 24 hours, and it’s done!

Guess what? It tastes like bubblegum!

bubblegum vodka


Here is a bubblegum cocktail you can try with your new tasty infused booze:

“The Bazooka”

2 oz. bubblegum vodka

1 oz. sour mix

Add ice to your shaker thingie..shake it up, pour it into a martini glass, and serve.





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