Caturday! Pic O’ The Week

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

SoOo, I’ve decided to make this site a little more personal and do a “cat of the week” picture. Yes, my own pussy cats, since ya know, it would be kind of creepy to walk into the neighbors house with a camera.

We have 3 cats.  The Smoking Man calls me the crazy cat lady, since everytime I sit on the couch, all three of them come bounding out of gawd knows where to sit with me. I have no clothes without  fur on them. (or furniture for that matter.)

The oldest and grandest of the bunch is Mischief. He is my 16 year old male. We call him “cheeb cheeb,” or “gummy bear,” since he has no teeth.

Then there are the almost 5 year old girls who are sisters. They came to us through a stray who delivered on my front porch. Gee, thanks.

Petunia, our calico who we call “toon toon,” and Sheba our gray and white girl, who goes by “she-buns.” Or when I’m in a mood..”hank hill hips.”

They are  indoor kitties, since I don’t believe in letting them poo in anyone elses yard, unlike my neighbor lady who has 6 cats that  think My FlOwErBeDs are their personal litter box.


We do take the girls out on leashes in the backyard during the summer tho, they really like that. Mischief is all “no freaking way dude!”

So, as our debut of “Caturday,” I shall leave you with three photo’s so you can see who is who.

I put in “nice” pictures today, so you know, they aren’t embarassed. That’s the last you  will be seeing of that, be assured…lol


Cheeb Cheeb

Toon Toon

Toon Toon



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