Spider Web Cupcakes

November 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Need   boo-tiful treats  for your Halloween party? How about spider web cupcakes?

halloween 09 053


They might look a bit intimidating, but no worries. You can do it!


What you need:

Cake mix of your choice

16 oz. White frosting in a tub

Cupcake papers

black and orange food color (I use Wilton concentrated gels)


Make your cupcakes according to the package directions on your cake mix, and let cool.

Tint about three quarters of your frosting orange.

Tint the rest black, and put into a zip-lock type bag.

Once your cupcakes are cooled, frost with the orange frosting. Now for the fun part!

Cut the tip off the corner of your zip-lock bag and squeeze the black frosting in concentric circles  onto your cupcakes. Make sure you get alot of it on your fingers, or it won’t look like you worked hard. eww. It’s hard to wash off, maybe you should put on some gloves.

Now take a toothpick, and drag it through the circles to form spider webs. Keep a napkin or papertowel handy to wipe off the toothpick in between “dragging,” so the frosting doesn’t build up.

That’s it! Spooky fun in no time at all.


halloween 09 052



*note* I made these last year too, but used black tinted frosting for the base, and orange for the spider webs. Really, I wouldn’t recommend that unless you don’t mind your teeth and tongue being purple for the rest of the night.  Spooky yes, attractive…MmmM, maybe not!



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