The Art of Olivia

April 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

I am a big fan of the art of Olivia De Berardinis. I am especially fond of one particular print called “Masquerade.” (Pamela Anderson was the model.) I’ve had this print for many years hanging on the wall in my bedroom. It just sings to me. (Don’t go any further if nudity offends you. I find this print tasteful, but you may not!)

But now I have young grandchildren. Oh woe is me, and the dilemma of having young boys sneaking off to mima’s room to peek at the pretty naked lady. While I find nothing wrong with the female form in all it’s beauty, I also  believe it’s up to Mom and Dad to do the teaching when they are ready. So, I had to come up with something, other than hiding her in the closet until they all turn 35.

A paper and ribbon corset? Indeed! I made it out of black card stock, black ribbon for the bodice, and sheer silver ribbon for the bottom. A couple leftover purple feathers, and a little red ribbon rose.  I stuck it up there with some little pieces of velcro, and called it good. It only took me about an hour, and I don’t think it detracts from the print what so ever. So I’m happy, moms and dads are happy, and little young uns are safe to wander the house again.



Punkin Head is Done!

October 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

I am a little late posting this, but it took forever to get the hubster motivated. He had a plan. I had to wait until he was good and ready to reveal this plan.  Seriously, if i’d known he was going to screw it into the side of the house (omg, i’m still cringing.) I would of done it myself.

Punkin Head had his revenge. Oh yes he did. His head fell off while the husband was screwing it onto the house, and he nearly broke his nose.  (it probably weighs a good 5 pounds.) A little blood was shed, a few curse words were uttered. Sacrifice’s had to be made to the Punkin Gods. Now I don’t have to find a chicken. Just kidding!

Anyways! Here is my masterpiece.


This was done with pvc pipe, wire, melted trash bag “corsping”, paint, and alot of patience. Your first is always the hardest, eh? The head is paper mache, and I have to admit, it’s my finest work so far. I just love him!

I have grand plans of making some more of these, and selling them. Do you think anyone would be excited to find this under the Christmas tree? I would!

29 Days Till Halloween!

October 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve been working like a madwoman since August, trying to get a few things ready for Halloween. Building everything from scratch, has it’s disadvantages, but saving money is always a bonus. Plus, I’m going to have the most awesome house on the block. I do hope the 3 trick-or-treaters I usually get appreciate all my effort. Haaaaaaaa!

This was my first attempt at “corpsing.” He, (she?) rather looks like he’s preening, but hey, maybe he was a Diva in his alive days.


And this little fella,  I’m still working on. The pumpkin head that will perch atop his rotting body, is almost finished, so I can get  a pic of that later on this week. Pretty cool so far, eh?


Mr. Grim Reaper from last year, seemed to develop a rather nasty case of mold-itis on his robes sitting out in the shed, so I had to do something to pretty him up. I constructed  some decaying ribs, and threw on an old costume I found in my moms shed, and voila! He looks disgusting. Eeee!


I wanted to do something really cool for my front door, but I still can’t think of anything that will scare the pants off anyone, so for now, I’ve put this together. It’s one of those cheapie little mirrors, that when you look at it from the side,  turns into a skull picture. Not bad on it’s own, but it needed bling. I added, black roses, spiders, skulls, some old twigs from a giant weed growing in my yard, and will drape it in creepy cheesecloth after I figure out how to attach it to the door.  20141002_13301720141002_13304920141002_133229

I’m still working on about 10 paper mache skulls, and a paper mache witch head, (which I still need to build a body for.) to accompany my giant cauldron.  So much to do! I have to do all my decorating outside this year, instead of the creepatorium I usually drape the inside in, since I have two new 5 month old additions to my family, who get into everything. And I do mean everything.

Meet Jax and Raven!


The only way I can tell them apart, is by the way they meow. I seriously need to get some kitten collars.

Malachi is absolutely thrilled to have new playmates! They run, slide, swish, knock things over and bat at each other almost every waking minute. What’s more grand than 3 black cats for Halloween???


Have you come up with any cool and exciting Halloween decorations? I’d love to see them!


Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

May 9, 2014 § 1 Comment

kitchen  cabinet

I do have to admit, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve *ahem* cleaned my oak kitchen cabinets. General wiping is all that gets done on a regular basis, which doesn’t work on these beasts! Eww! 15 years of grime. I’m rather embarrassed. In my defense,  my husband works in a steel mill. You don’t want to look at those hands. The  picture below shows why my kitchen looks like it does on regular basis. That is a lot of fingers to clean up after. (10 more in the dining room…we can’t all fit when we’re together! And don’t worry, they were all over the legal drinking age.)

The Herd


I had major plans of refinishing  a couple years ago, but for some reason, I never won the lottery.

Anyways. I was browsing my favorite blog over at  One Good Thing By Jillee, and behold! Grime cleaner.

1 part vegetable oil

2 parts baking soda

No harsh chemicals, cheap, and I had the time.

Mix it together, rub it on, wipe it off with a damp sponge, and it’s like new.

oil and baking sodarub it on

Look at all that icky grime!

cabinets 006

Did it work? Indeed!

Clean cabinet

I seriously had to put some elbow grease into this spot. It seemed to take forever, but there’s alot of build up going on here. Yours are not going to look as bad, right?

Annnnd, as you can see, it’s not going to stay clean for long, because there is no finish left on the cabinet. People and their dirty fingers!

No finish left on cabinet

I had great intentions of doing the rest of the kitchen cabinets, but this one wore me out. One a day perhaps.

Not that they look too bad. *choke*

cabinets 013cabinets 016

Did I Mention I Adopted A New Kitty?

May 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


I lost my  “Mischief”, an 18 year old cat due to old age 2 summers ago, and my heart finally healed enough to say, “yeah, it’s lonely without you, maybe it’s time for another companion.”  Hello Malachi!


I am smitten by this kitten! He’s about 18 months old now. I adopted him last October as a birthday gift to myself. I had forgotten how much energy a young cat has. And that they chew on things. And attack your feet in the middle of the night. He loves playing in the toilet, and shower. And hiding in corners waiting for you to walk by so he can leap out and attach himself to my leg.  But he’s also a snuggler. He burrows under the covers at night, curls around my legs, and snoozes until it’s time to move to the pillow, where he droops himself over my face and purrs.

In the toiletBeFunky_IMG_8701.jpgBeFunky_nov 8 2013 mali (4).jpg

My husband says I spoil him. And that’s why HE built Malachi the best cat tree on the planet. And has plans to screen in the gazebo out back so Mali  can safely go outside and get some fresh air this summer.  (All my cats are indoors only.)

maliapril2014.jpgBeFunky_mali5-6-14 009.jpg


Speaking of those “other” cats. Poor Petunia and Sheba. They are seriously not happy about our little addition. They just turned 10, and weren’t expecting a little brother. Petunia has finally accepted him. She only swats if he gets too close. Sheba would rather he fell off the planet and hisses every time she see’s him.  Malachi takes it all in stride. He waits till the girls aren’t looking, sneaks close, boops their tails, and runs for his life!  Sometimes they catch him, and he lays on his back, hoping for mercy.  Sometimes mercy is the last thing on their minds.

All in all, he’s fitting in pretty good, and I feel like my life is all the more rich for having him.

Did I mention he’s terrible about tearing things up?


Who? Me?

Who? Me?



Superwoman Does Drywall Repairs. And You Can Too!

January 7, 2014 § 2 Comments

Do you have a husband/mate who is good at starting projects, then never finishes them? Please tell me I’m not the only one. It’s so frustrating! Granted, my hubby is never home to do those repairs, because he’s always fixing someone else’s house. I find that frustrating too. My house is falling down around my ears. THIS hole in the bedroom has been here for 7 months. (We had a major leak in the bathroom.) I only got him to screw up the drywall a couple weeks later, because I was terrified. The cat kept sitting there looking in the hole like there was something in there. What if a giant squid, or rabid wolverine was in there waiting to eat me when I went to sleep?!

Hole in Wall

Anyways, I finally got tired of waiting for him to finish this project, so decided I would just do it myself. And I had no idea where to start. Thank God for Youtube. And Mr. Video Joe Knows. He has several videos that explain what to do from start to finish. So I lugged my laptop into the bedroom, and we did it together.  If a 50 year old “Martha Stewart” type can do it, I have no doubt that you can do it too.  So here’s all those videos from Joe. Gather your supplies, and make your wall pretty again!

How to install the webbing tape. I didn’t even know what it was, and I forgot to take a picture of that part, but it was super easy. I felt my confidence soaring already!



Putting on the first layer of quick set. I was a nervous wreck. I second guessed myself constantly, but Joe assured me I could do it.

I have a picture of this step, but it’s on my phone. And I’m too lazy to upload it. I did sand this layer a bit after it dried, because it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it.

Adding the second layer of quick set:

Aha! I do have a picture of this one. I think I’m doing okay so far.

2nd coat of quickset


Adding the last coat of quick set: (Hm. forgot to take a pic of this step too. Genius.)

And now, for the skim coat, using joint compound. (whew, alot of steps, huh? We’re almost there.)

skim coat


I sanded here again, just to make sure things were looking smooth. And I found a tip on another video, on how to make sure  you see all those imperfections. Use a flashlight! Turn off your lights, and shine it on your work area. You will be able to see anyplace you need to sand.

Add a final coat of joint compound, let it dry, and you’re now ready to prime your wall patch.

Prime. Don’t skip this part. If you do, apparently the patch will stand out like a sore thumb when you put your regular ol paint on. I didn’t take any chances. I primed. It’s starting to look pretty good.

priming the wall

Then you spray on some texture out of a can. Wow, that stuff is expensive! And the first can was defective. How rude. I have a picture of this, but all you can see is white, so there was no point in trying to impress you with my texturing skills.

Then you prime again. Wait for that to dry, and guess what! It’s time to paint it to match the rest of the room. You’re done!

TADA! I’m pretty darned proud of myself. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great first try. Thank you Video Joe, I couldn’t of done it without you!

finished drywalldrywall 009



2013 in review

January 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Easy Halloween Centerpiece From Toilet Paper Tubes

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Easy Halloween Centerpiece

I found this tutorial on Pinterest.  (yes, I’m addicted to Pinterest..isn’t everyone?) and had it whipped out in a couple of hours. Most of that time was waiting on paint to dry. Almost everything came from the Dollar Tree, so you know it was cheap!

The “candles” are actually toilet paper tubes with hot glue dripped down the sides..can you believe it?

Here is the tutorial so you can make one too. House of Dewberry Halloween Candles

I did actually paper mache the toilet paper tubes to make them a little more sturdy, but you don’t have to. (Ms. Dewberry put weights in the bottom of hers.)

The tutorial only shows how to make the candles, but obviously you can “centerpiece” them any way you want.

And I did!

The tray (from the Dollar Tree) was a clear black plastic, so I spray painted it matte black, then over sprayed it lightly with a silver to bring out the skulls and bones.

Black roses, mini skulls, raven, spiders, and battery powered tea lights are all Dollar Tree finds. The blue glittery squiggly thing was a leftover in my craft box that I thought looked appropriately spooky.

There you go. Easy easy easy.

If you’re a pinterest nut, and Halloween tickles your fancy as much as it does me, feel free to check out my Halloween board for other inspiring ideas I’ve picked up over the past few weeks!
All Things Halloween
I’m under my business name Soaperfect Handcrafted Soaps. Have a terrifying day!

Just Some Soap Pics

August 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a heck of a busy summer, and I haven’t had much time to indulge in my soaping passion. I’ve  got Autumn on my mind, as far as new colors, scents, and designs. I can’t wait to start using those fall scents!  However, until such time, here’s some other creations I do have made. And don’t forget, you can purchase most of these over at!

And guess what? I finally have two..yes, count them two exclusive fragrances for men. “Wolf,”  and “Extremely Sexy For Men.”

Not that the guys don’t love all those other scents. My hubbies favorite is still “Chocolate,” and “Snickerdoodle.”

Chocolate Soap


Ruby Red Grapefruit

Ruby Red Grapefruit. Smells like the real thing!



Very Sexy For Him

Like Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy For Him.




Wolf. I looooove this fragrance!

Jungle Love

Jungle Love

Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit







“Reupholstering” a Chair with Paint!

August 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Upholstery Paint

I have this wing chair that I just love, but it was old, and it showed. I looked around at getting it reupholstered, but it was way out of my budget. I got the chair for free, and I didn’t want to spend much to make it pretty. So it sat there for 2 years annoying me with my lack of skill to do something with it myself. And then I came across Upholstery Paint. Whaaaaat?! You can paint upholstery?? Why yes you can! And I did.

You can buy this amazing product over at Simply Spray. They have alot of different colors to choose from. I went with Plum.

And here’s what it did for my old sad chair.

(Before picture)


Chair Before Painting


First light coat of paint:

Primer Coat



All finished!

Finished Chair


I feel like I have a brand new chair!

The little details in case you’re interested in trying this for yourself.

You cannot go from dark to light. That is to say, if you have a black chair, and try to spray it white, it’s not going to work.

Simply Spray says in their FAQ that it will take about 3 cans of paint for an average sized chair. I needed 4 cans. (And I only bought 3!) So get at least 1 more can than you think you  need.

Do a light spray job first. This acts like a primer, so you won’t need so much paint.

Don’t stop spraying once you start!

The cans get a bit drippy and spray little paint blobs all over the place if you lift your finger off the trigger. I just rubbed the blobs in, and all was fine.

There was alot  of over spray. Make sure you lay something down underneath your project, like newspaper or plastic. (Or maybe I’m just an over exuberant sprayer?)

Does it feel all rough and and “painty?” when you’re finished?

No, it doesn’t! It feels almost the same as before I painted.

Does it smell?

Not that I noticed. I brought the chair back into the house a few hours later, and I never smelled anything overpowering. Note: I did have all my doors and windows open, because it’s August, so that could of made a difference.

Will the paint come off on my butt when I sit on it?

No, it won’ I was worried about that too.


Here’s a Youtube video that shows a sofa being painted.  I can’t imagine how many cans that took!

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